Experience the sites, tastes and history of Italy at a leisurely pace

Join us on this wonderful tour of Bella Italia. Learn about historical, iconic sites through local guides, experience culinary delights at local restaurants, cooking classes and wine tours. Visit a local farm that produces saffron, olive oil and preserves. And spend time soaking up the Italian culture.

Top 5 Reasons to Travel with a Group

No stress, hassle-free travel: Have you ever seen lost tourists in the centre of a city with a map in one hand, a travel book in another, asking themselves where they are? On a group tour, you can forget about everything and leave the details to us. Don’t worry about your suitcase, we’ll make sure they get to your room. Wondering what attractions to visit, what times they are open and where you should eat? Leave that to us!
Customized itineraries: A group tour can be designed to just about any specification. We can stay longer in each city, schedule free time along the way, visit that out of the way site or plan a special dinner at a unique restaurant. We work with our tour hosts to design the perfect itinerary.
Socialize and make friends – even if you’re travelling solo: Enjoy the company of your fellow travellers. You will meet some interesting people on a group tour and it’s easy to start up a conversation as they are seeking adventure just like you. Who knows – you may just start a lasting friendship. It is also comforting travelling with a group of people as there is safety in numbers. 
Enjoy the view and leave the driving to us: Enjoy the panoramic view while sitting in comfortable elevated seats of a modern motor coach. Forget about the traffic, reading maps, figuring out foreign road signs, parking and back seat drivers. Truly enjoy your trip, free of distractions and responsibilities
Help when you need it: Unexpected things can and do happen while travelling. Lost passport? Road closure? Mixed up hotel reservation? When you are on a group tour, you might not even realize there was a problem.