When one thinks of Italy, what comes to mind might be the history and magnitude of the Colosseum and the Ruins of Herculaneum, the architectural wonders of the Roman Forum, Florence Cathedral and the Pisan Tower, the sanctity of the Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica, and the astonishing beauty of Mount Vesuvius and Venice at dusk. 

But our Italian Experience Tour offers so much more. We’ll visit a working organic farm and taste their products including olive oil, wine, honey and saffron. We’ll be expertly guided through the process of making a traditional Italian meal – And then we’ll sit down and enjoy our creation. We’ll experience wines produced at an Italian Castle, where the grapes are manually harvested and the wine is carefully crafted. A sweet tour, we’ll be immersed in chocolate at Roberto Catinari Chocolate factory. The beauty and wonder of glass blowing in Venice and much, much more!  

Whether this is your first visit to Italy or you are returning, you are very welcome to join us on our Italian Experience.