No visit to Chile would be complete without experiencing the mysteries of the Moai.

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 4,000km from the coast of Chile, is Easter Island or “Rapa Nui” as the locals call it. This island still holds a very special magic and mystery far greater than one might imagine. On this five day pre-itinerary tour, you’ll delve deep into its rich history, art and friendly Polynesian hospitality all upon an island not 25 km across.

Celebrated for its huge, enigmatic stone moai, Rapa Nui has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995. Your explorations include dramatic Tongariki, the largest ceremonial site in Polynesia, Rano Raraku, the volcanic area where most of the moai were quarried, plus the petroglyphs of Orongo, center of the Birdman Cult.


$4199 per person based on double occupancy

Single Supplement $610

This package includes:

 All Transfers

• Regional flights

• Meals as indicated

• Local Tour Guide Services in English

• Tipping for Drivers and Guides