Gdańsk (Danzig in German) is a port city on the Baltic coast of Poland. Gdańsk is situated at the mouth of the Motlawa River, connected to the Leniwka, a branch in the delta of the nearby Vistula River, whose waterway system supplies 60% of the area of Poland and connects Gdańsk to the national capital in Warsaw. This gives the city a unique advantage as the focus of Poland's sea trade. Together with the nearby port of Gdynia, Gdańsk is also an important industrial centre. Historically an important seaport and shipbuilding centre, Gdańsk was a member of the Hanseatic League. At the center of its Main Town, reconstructed after WWII, are the colorful facades of the Long Market, now home to shops and restaurants. 

Latitude: 54.35205, Longitude: 18.64637