Rev Terry Hastings & Lorraine Stevenson

Rev Terry Hastings & Lorraine Stevenson

Tour Host

Terry and Lorraine live in Stratford, Ontario where they joyfully indulge their favourite activity: family. They have three adult children and three grandkids and they enjoy every moment with them.

Terry serves as a minister in the Presbyterian Church, and Lorraine is a project manager in the IT department of a national bank.

Terry loves to bake and woodwork, and Lorraine enjoys reading and gardening. They have always made travel a priority throughout their lives. They've camped across Canada with their kids, and traveled to New Zealand, Israel,and numerous trips and river cruises in Europe. They treasure the amazing diversity of our world and its many cultural, historical, and geographic wonders. They enjoy hosting trips with Rostad because of the exceptional quality of the travel arrangements, the excellent itineraries, but mostly because of the wonderful people with whom they travel.

"We especially enjoy helping those travelling with us to experience the unique and often surprising aspects of a country - its people, food, and sights." "The most important thing we emphasize when we travel is to relax and enjoy the entire experience - even the mix-ups and unexpected experiences offer opportunities to learn about other people and places."