Rev Dr Bob & Fay Jackson

Rev Dr Bob & Fay Jackson

Tour Host

Rev. Dr. Bob Jackson is a retired Minister of The United Church of Canada and Fay Jackson is a retired Secondary School Teacher and Educational Consultant. They live on the south shore of beautiful Lake Nipissing in northeastern Ontario where they are regularly visited by their families, which includes their two daughters and three grandsons.

When they are not singing in choral groups, playing in a concert band, or acting in musicals and local theatre dramas, they love to explore the world. Having travelled extensively in Europe, the British Isles and in Israel, Bob and Fay hosted their first Oberammergau Passion Play Rostad Tour in 1990 and thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the quality of a Rostad Tour. Since then they have been Rostad Tour hosts to England in 1993, another Oberammergau tour in 2000, Turkey and Greece in 2004, a Danube River Cruise in 2005, and a 35 day South Pacific Tour in 2006. The result of all of this has been thousands of pictures and many amazing memories for all concerned.

In 2007 they hosted the September Luther and Musical Europe Tour, as well as a tour to China including an extensive Yangtze River Cruise in 2009, and another Oberammergau Passion Play Tour in 2010 including a river cruise from St. Petersburg to Moscow. In 2011 they hosted a tour to South Africa, Botswana and Victoria Falls. 2012 brought them to Peru. Italy, including Sicily, was their tour in 2013.

Now they are enjoying their memories of their tour to Indonesia and Indochina in January 2015, and their tour of Spain and Portugal in September 2015. They are leaving soon on a tour to Scotland, Ireland and Iceland from the middle of August to the middle of September 2016. One of the enriching benefits of a Rostad Tour is travelling with known friends and making many new friends. Perhaps you would like to become one of them…