Tricia Bechthold

Tricia Bechthold

Tour Host

Who would have thought that a friendship begun in Grade 1 at Samuel Crowther School in Strathmore, Alberta would have taken us all over the world!!

Though the distance between us is great we have remained close in mind and heart. (‘Tricia lives in Boyle – 100 miles north of Edmonton, and Jean lives in Sidney near Victoria, B.C). Our mutual love of travel has brought us closer yet. We so enjoy sharing our passion for travel and adventures with others, from the awe-inspiring grandeur of the pyramids in Egypt to the mystery and natural beauty of Petra.

When we studied about the pyramids in school, we dreamed of travelling to see them. Rostad helped make this dream come true. Climbing them and riding a camel was so surreal!

Jean traveled with Don Rostad to Europe in 1998. He answered Jean’s many questions about hosting world tours. In 2007, Jean hosted her first tour to Ireland, taking ‘Tricia along as a passenger to fulfill her dream of seeing her ancestral homeland. While sharing this wonderful 2-week tour, we decided that hosting together would be a fantastic way to see the world. October 2016, our trip to stunning South Africa will be our 11th tour together.

Our tours have included the Holy Lands, England and Scotland, the Heart of Europe, Eastern Europe, the Netherlands, Ireland and Scotland, the breathtaking exotic beauty of Costa Rica, a trip “Down Under” and Normandy and Paris.

‘Tricia and her husband, Barry, raise Registered Quarter Horses on a ranch outside Boyle. They have 3 children and 6 grandchildren. Jean and her husband, Albert, are both retired and have 2 sons and 3 grandchildren. We are both married to men who don’t want to travel, so once or twice a year we leave them behind to go adventuring in this wonderful world. The best part of exploring are those people we take with us who soon become good friends, and those we meet along the way.

Our favorite question from our families and friends is “Where are you going next?” Where would you like to go?

Come along and let Rostad and us provide you unforgettable memories with a worry-free and fun-filled adventure.